Our Vision

AAA Online Training Academy specializes in online, student-focused training. Since our inception, our goal has been to meet and exceed our students and client’s needs and expectations by delivering award-winning, real-time training. AAA Online Training Academy provides engaging online training courses, cutting-edge LMS systems, and workforce management solutions to help make organizations more capable, and more compliant.

Mission Statement

AAA Online Training Academy is the go-to for online training, not only because of our state and nationally approved lesson plans, but because we are willing to work with clients to customize lesson plans for contract or company specifications.

Why Us?

Why should you use AAA Online Training Academy? We understand your challenges and we will work hard every day to make your training experience exceptional!

Why Online Training?

Online training is a valuable and cost-effective way for employees to obtain Continuing Education or In-Service Training. Despite this simple fact, some organizations are slow to make the move from in-house training to online training and some are hesitant to even consider the change in the first place. If you don’t see the benefits of the online transition, we offer the following considerations:

Online Training Is Effective For Training Across Multiple Locations (And Saves Money At The Same Time)

Organizations benefit from online training in many ways, one being that all employees can take the exact same training program. This helps with continuity of all employees across all contracts, sights, and positions. If employees can take a training course from their desks companies no longer have to hold courses that are not financially feasible. Online training programs are easy to take and can lead to increased knowledge retention which equates to Organizations keeping their training focus on other responsibilities, such as Recruitment and Entry-Level Training.

It’s Flexible

Let’s face it, we’re all busy. And busy people rarely want to take time out of their (busy) days to take a training course that could go on for hours which is also likely to be boring. When training is offered online, employees can learn right at their desks, from the comfort of their own homes, during a working lunch – practically whenever they want to and from wherever they want to.

Employees Appreciate Stress-Free, Self-Paced Learning

Everyone learns at a different pace and everyone retains information differently. We’ve all sat in classrooms where a teacher moves too fast for some students but too slow for others - those who already know the information are bored and tune out while those who are hearing the information for the first-time struggle to keep up and get frustrated.

When you take a course online, your employees can go at their own speed. If they get to a certain point and don’t fully understand the material, they can go back for a review. On the other hand, if everything makes perfect sense, they can go straight through the entire course right to the test. Either way, it’s totally up to them, making the entire process stress-free and user-friendly.

Immediate Results And Feedback

The final tests are graded as soon as your employees are done taking their test and they will be notified of their score right away. This allows your employees to immediately get back to work and apply their new-found knowledge.

Course Materials Are Easy To Update

It happens all the time – DCJS regulations are updated or company policy changes and you’re forced to update your training materials. This may be a daunting task, but not if you offer online training! Online programs can be easily altered at any time, guaranteeing that you’re teaching the most up-to-date content complete with the most current company procedures, state and federal regulations and compliance issues.

Meets Compliance Requirements

Our LMS provides a streamlined and easy to navigate database that helps security companies efficiently and effectively meet DCJS compliance requirements. Our system gives you visibility into the completion status of your employees as well as meeting all required reporting to DCJS.

AAA Online Training Academy’s LMS

While we have been teaching our DCJS approved Online Program for only a short time, we have been involved with developing online lesson plans and training material for many Private Security Companies. We have the ability to customize courses for our clients. Some of our clients have saved over 30% of their previous training cost just by moving their In-Service courses over to an Online Learning Management Services.

This new learning management system enhances the student’s education and available training programs by offering consistent, industry-specific, web-based training to private security practitioners and companies. The cloud-based platform is mobile-friendly and includes centralized dashboards for managers and learners, with real-time performance, utilization and results reporting. The curriculum is tailored to fit the specific needs of a security business and its managers can assign, track and report training from any web-enabled device.

While we have started with DCJS approved courses, DC SPO Pre-Assignment Courses and CPR/AED Courses, we are currently conducting training and growing our footprint in other states to include: (District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas) and can't wait to provide the same Online opportunities in various areas.