30I - Electronic Security Core Subjects In-Service

An electronic security sales representative means an individual who sells electronic security equipment on behalf of an electronic security business to the end user. An electronic security technician means an individual who installs, services, maintains or repairs electronic security equipment. An electronic security technician's assistant means an individual who works as a laborer under the supervision of the electronic security technician in the course of their normal duties, but who may not make connections to any electronic security equipment. A central station dispatcher means an individual who monitors burglar alarm signal devices, burglar alarms or any other electrical, mechanical or electronic device used to prevent or detect burglary, theft, shoplifting, pilferage or similar losses; to prevent or detect intrusion; or primarily to summon aid for other emergencies.

Electronic Security Core Subjects In-Service (30I). This course is for individuals who currently have a Electronic Security Technician, Technician Assistant, Sales Representative, or a Central Station Dispatcher Registration and are trying to complete their In-Service requirements to maintain their Registration. If you do not currently have one of these registration than please do not take this course.

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  • Duration: 4 hours / 30 days to complete
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